Responsibilities of Geologists

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Geologists are scientists who study the physical aspect of the earth. They study the structure of the earth and make discoveries about the past or try to find out things expected in the future. Here are the most important responsibilities of geologists.

1) Plan and conduct field studies

The geologists have to conduct research. They are responsible for conducting field studies. Geologists work on things related to earth and conduct research on the same matters. They are responsible for collecting samples and making plans. They need to make plans before conducting a research. The geologists usually work in teams, they don simply go anywhere to conduct a research. It is the responsibility of a geologist to find the right place for the research. He needs to know what particular areas are still untouched and why the team needs to conduct a field study there.

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2) Conduct tests

The second most important responsibility for a geologist is to conduct tests. Geologists shouldn’t predict anything simply. He shouldn’t make unnecessary assumptions, because assumptions can mislead people. The geologists are responsible for collecting samples and storing them very carefully. They cannot risk losing the evidence, so they keep the samples in safety bags and send it to the laboratory for tests. They also need to instruct the laboratory on the type of tests they want to conduct on the sample. They need to make judgments based on the results.

3) Prepare reports

The geologists are not just responsible for conducting research or collecting samples. Their job is a lot more than just collecting pieces of evidence because they need to collect the results as well and prepare a report that gives all the details. They need to prepare a report that shows everything that happened in the study. The report must include the place of field study, the evidence, samples collected, results and finally the verdict or the opinion of the geologist. The geologists prepare written scientific reports to keep a record of everything that went down and most importantly the results of the study.

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