Global Warming: A Bitter Reality

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There are certain gases that wrap around the earth and trap heat. Carbon dioxide plays the key role in this regard. And it is emitted in numerous ways in the day to day life. While we burn fossil fuels for generating power, during combustion in our vehicles and heat from our homes.

Consequently, Earth is heated up in direct proportion with the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide being released in our environment.

Global temperature is intensifying

After the evidential proofs from scientists’ studies, we come to know the drift in temperature of the globe. It demonstrates that global warming is a reality.

Ever since the 20th century, every coming year is warmer than the former. 2016 being the warmest year, remaining 12 of the warmest years have also taken place after 1998.

Eli Ortenberg

Eli Ortenberg – Geologist/Project Manager, ANDERSEN ENVIRONMENTAL, AN EFI GLOBAL COMPANY

Rise in the levels of CO2

Carbon dioxide level has increased by 25 percent since 1957, as observed by the thorough examination of a change of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

Root Cause of Global Warming: CO2

The heat released by the Earth which is supposed to leave into space is trapped by carbon dioxide. It is then directed back into the Earth’s atmosphere.

There are many other natural causes of the change in the climate, so are many other gases that also trap heat. However, carbon dioxide plays the key role in global warming. Which has resulted in the lesser release of heat from the Earth atmosphere since last 40 years.

Sufferers Are Also the Producers

This increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, which has caused global warming and is causing a threat to the mankind. It is also caused by none other than the mankind itself. The increased rate of burning fossil fuels being one of the eminent examples.

The Hazardous Threats

There are some serious effects of global warming. It is not only endangering our health but also causing the environment to suffer by increasing the severity of heat waves. The likeliness of droughts is increasing and so are the sea levels. Hence, in short, everything linked with this planet is in danger zone.


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Global Warming: A Bitter RealityunratedEli Ortenberg2017-12-22 07:18:05There are certain gases that wrap around the earth and trap heat. Carbon dioxide plays the key role in this regard. And it is emitted in numerous ways…

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