Geology: A Student Guide

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Geology is concerned with the study of earth, its composition and the developments going on them over a period of time. It deals with discovering and examining the materials, minerals, and metals for its constituent components and their correct usage. It provides education of various phenomena related to Earth like earthquakes, plate tectonics, climate etc.

Any good reason for choosing Geology as a subject?

Focusing on your interest is very important. If subjects of history and geography were in the list of your favorites, then you should opt it. As you are going to learn more about the discovery, management, and usage of the many components Earth has to offer.

One of the charming attraction of choosing Geology is getting an opportunity to work on the field which involves traveling and outdoor activities. If you like learning in multi-dimension, you have got another reason for selecting this subject.

Apart from the exciting reasons, there is a major need of more Geologists to work on learning about our planet. In order to save the only home, we have in space, we need good brains to advice on management of many aspects that are required to be fixed. Environment, climate change, and natural hazards being the very common examples.

Eli Ortenberg

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What and How?

There are usual lectures of 6 to 8 hours per work, with an addition of some practical work. Annual examination along with final year theses are included in the degree. Fieldwork is part of numerous degrees offered abroad, similar is the case with Geology.

There are many options available if you are interested in Geology. BA in Natural Sciences, BA in Biology and Geology, BA in Chemistry and Geology, BA in Geography and Geology.

You can continue further until MA and post Graduate level, as there is a wide range of options available in this regard as well.


You are required to have studied Math, Science and Geography subject up till your Secondary level of education. However, the basic requirements differ as per University or course you are applying for.

Job Perspectives

With all the skill set one achieves after completing a degree in Geology, one is capable of applying for specialist jobs. Some of the many jobs available include hydrology, mudlogging, drilling, consultancy and analysis, data processing and surveying.


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