Eli Ortenberg

Eli Ortenberg – Professional Environmental Specialist

Eli Ortenberg

Eli Ortenberg is a successful professional with years of experience. He has climbed the ladder of success.

He is currently serving in the environmental sector. He worked in the environmental consulting industry in Southern California for 8 years. Following this, he started working in the Oil and Gas industry based out of Denver, CO, he continued working in the industry for 2 years.

His areas of expertise include Phase II Environmental Site Assessment and Site Characterization, Construction Management, Environmental Sampling including soil, soil vapor, groundwater, and indoor air.

Eli Ortenberg has the experience of working in multiple firms successfully and leading them to the heights of success. On the education front, he earned the Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Illinois State University.

All in all, Eli Ortenberg has been nothing but an inspiration in his endeavor to excel in different sectors.


Eli Ortenberg provides consultation in the following areas.

  • Environmental Projects


Eli Ortenberg likes to speak for environmental projects and its aspects.

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