5 Steps to Drill a Well as Per a Geologist!

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Drilling a well is an easy task but it can turn in to a huge deal if not done properly. This means that there are certain rules that must be followed in a proper manner. Understanding bore well is essential as this is an entire method that offers step by step guidance regarding how to bore a well.

Drill a Bore Hole

The first step is to drill a borehole. For this purpose, run the water down a piece of PVC pipe that is two inches in terms of its diameter. Keep rotating the pipe as the water streams down.  It is important to notice here that PVC pipes have certain teeth that help in digging and taking out extra dirt and soil. This can also be helpful in removing contaminated soil.

Eli Ortenberg

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Adding Well Screen Pipe

Once you are done with drilling purposes, water will be located. The next step is the addition of the well pipe. It is important to insert this pipe as the original pipe cannot be taken out without adding this well screen pipe. The entire process is an easy one if properly managed. All the steps require extreme care and attention and it is better if carried out under the supervision of an expert.

Taking out original Drill Pipe

The next step is to take out the original drill pipe that was inserted in the initial stages. It should be done with proper concentration as taking it out can also affect the position of the other inserted pipe.  You might think that you are done with drilling the well but there are other steps as well that you need to follow.

Sealing the New Well

It is important to keep the new well free of contamination as contaminated soil or any other material can affect it. This contamination can also enter the water and can contaminate it. Therefore, the well must be sealed in a proper manner. The new well needs to be sealed to keep any contamination from entering the well and getting into the water.

Installing the pump!

Activating the well is the next step as it will be functional once the pump is installed. This is an easy task as most of the pumps have the instructions regarding how to install them.

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