3 Golden Rules You Must Know About Earthquake-proof Buildings

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Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon and no one can predict their intensity before they hit us and about the degree of destruction that we will be facing once they are over. There is one thing that we can control and that is the construction of our buildings so as to face less damage.

Eli Ortenberg

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If we take the case of Japan into account, we just cannot ignore the trend in the construction that they have adopted in the recent years. This trend has made them normal for the earthquakes as they feel safer due to their trends. There are a number of engineering techniques that are important in this regard and they can be helpful in every kind of condition. The possibility of buildings getting damaged by the earthquake is high even if the building is made up of good engineering techniques. This can be stated that the damage cannot be fully avoided but it can be reduced to a larger extent.

 Design of the buildings:

Basically, buildings are designed in such a way that they back a vertical load so as to offer support to the walls, upper half and everything that is covered by a structure.in addition to it, there are several cases in which it is evident that earthquake was not intense enough but the wrong design and construction of the building caused more damage. It is important to control such circumstances and it can only be done if rigid box technique is taken into account.

The material used in the construction:

Most of the time, the maximum number of casualties are observed in cases where bricks or concrete material is used. As a matter of fact, concrete and bricks are hard enough and their mixture in the form of debris can cause serious spinal injuries and head injuries which cause death. In this setting, walls are made up of bricks and mortar is used to hold them together at the top. Better usage of lighter material like wood and tin is lifesaving.


Buildings are getting larger in size by each passing day and they can be secured with the help of “base isolation’. In addition to it, skyscrapers have been made in the last several years to deal with any such threats of the earthquake. They act like shock absorbers and keep the intensity of earthquake as insignificant as possible.

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